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Sis, You Are the Universe: Words of Encouragement, Healing, and Love for Black Women

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Phylicia French is an author, entrepreneur, international breakthrough coach, and podcast host from Galveston, Texas. She believes in motivation and encouragement that is tailored to real people and addresses the ebbs and flows of real life. Through coaching and writing, Phylicia helps others break through barriers and realize their true reflection of greatness. 

Sis, you are the universe

​For far too long, black women have been stuck with the "strong black woman" stereotype. This narrative may describe the nurturing and resilient nature of black women, but it has subliminally programmed black women to put the needs of others over their own.

While this isn't necessarily a bad thing, it doesn't fully capture the essence of the black woman. Sis, You Are the Universe aims to show black women how to harness the magic they possess and build the life they've always wanted without being held back by unwritten expectations.

In this two-part book, readers learn how to prioritize their needs, feel confident in their worth, heal from past trauma, and get permission to go after their goals and dreams without feeling selfish.


With pithy and powerful insights, and words of encouragement, love, and advice from other black women, Sis, You Are the Universe helps black women be the best versions of themselves filled with purpose, happiness, and power.


I LOVED the entire book "Sis, you are the universe". Reading the Encouraging words has truly shed some light on me. I thank this BLACK SISTA for allowing others to give WoE to other Black Sistas that truly need it. Sometimes we dont understand many things until we hear it from other Black Sistas. Thank you Miss. French for your book of ENCOURAGEMENT, HEALING and LOVE. Continue to strive in all the God has placed in you. Blessings to you my Beautiful Black Sista.


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