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Phylicia French is an author, entrepreneur, international motivational speaker, breakthrough coach, and podcast host from Galveston, Texas. She believes in motivation and encouragement that is tailored to real people and addresses the ebbs and flows of real life. Phylicia helps others break through barriers and realize their true reflection of personal, academic, and professional excellence. 

Phylicia has a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, minor in Communication Studies, and a graduate degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She previously worked, for 10 years, as an award-winning university academic advisor and coach. In addition to her education in Communication Studies,  Phylicia has been on countless hiring committees where she acquired extensive knowledge to help clients build effective interview skills and strategies. Additionally, Phylicia worked as a pre-professional school advisor which allowed her to gain the knowledge needed to assist clients with professional school interview skills.

Phylicia offers interview preparation, strategies to reduce interview anxiety, mock interviews, explore areas of improvement, tools to effectively research prospective employers, and provides an in-depth analysis of interview body language, appearance, tone, and responses. 

Phylicia’s educational and professional background makes her qualified to be a coach and motivational speaker. However, Phylicia understands that coaching is more than credentials, it is about facilitating transformative results for clients. She can offer clients a well-rounded coaching experience as she can relate to their journey to break barriers to their best selves. 

After working abroad for three years, Phylicia returned with emotional wounds and a fibromyalgia diagnosis. Healing was not easy, but with the support of family and friends, counseling, writing, using strategies she teaches her clients, and something she thought she would never do—resigning from her full-time job, she has been able to discover her purpose. Things changed when she recognized that she was the one thing standing in her way. Phylicia broke through barriers and committed to her dreams with full force! 

Phylicia helps professionals with emotional and logistical challenges related to career transitions. She explores readiness to make transitions, provides solutions to lack of career confidence and imposter syndrome, provides tools to eliminate the stressors of career transitions, interview prep, and much more.

Phylicia enjoys walking on the beach in her hometown, listening to music (Beyoncé and H.E.R. are her favorites), dancing, meeting new people, traveling the world, and game nights with family and friends. 

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