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Break free from toxic stereotypes, smash glass ceilings, and live your best life.

Sis, You Are the Universe is a collection of encouraging and supportive affirmations written by black women, for black women.

In this two-part book, Phylicia French inspires and implores you to turn your nurturing nature inward—focusing on caring for yourself with the same intensity as you do for your loved ones. 


Among the pages of Sis, You Are the Universe, you're going to discover:


  • A redefined "strong black woman" narrative that is healthy and empowering to black women everywhere

  • How to break free from the societal expectation of humility and modesty about your achievements and worth

  • Why thinking outside the box still limits your thinking and creativity and why you should completely destroy the box for unfettered freedom

  • Powerful words of love, healing, and advice from other black women like you that will encourage, motivate and inspire you to new heights

  • 4 powerful ways self-love can transform your life and help you gain self-confidence

  • The 4 Rs of emotional control and how to stop yourself from overreacting and making decisions you'll ultimately regret

  • ...and much, much more!

Sis, You Are the Universe contains powerful words of advice, love, and healing from other black women, just like you. These works are profoundly insightful and life-changing. You'll be encouraged to stop accepting mediocrity and invisibility, and motivated to go after what you deserve, unapologetically. 

The time has come for you to do away with your superhero cape and put your own needs first. Sis, You Are the Universe is the black woman's crash guide to building the life you've always dreamed of and harnessing the healing power and magic that has been in you since the day you were conceived.


I LOVED the entire book "Sis, you are the universe". Reading the Encouraging words has truly shed some light on me. I thank this BLACK SISTA for allowing others to give WoE to other Black Sistas that truly need it. Sometimes we dont understand many things until we hear it from other Black Sistas. Thank you Miss. French for your book of ENCOURAGEMENT, HEALING and LOVE. Continue to strive in all the God has placed in you. Blessings to you my Beautiful Black Sista.

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