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Why Choose Phylicia French Coaching? 


For many years I was stuck and felt like I was never going to transition from being an academic advisor to a full-time entrepreneur. Although I had the tools and techniques to help others achieve their desired career goals, I lacked career confidence, had several business ideas that went nowhere, goals I did not meet, and I quit when business failure inevitably came knocking at my door. It was easy for me to pour into others and motivate and inspire them, but I did not take her own advice, as we so often do. Things changed for me when I finally recognized that I was the one thing standing in my own way. I realized I needed to break through barriers I set up to reach my best self. I committed to my dreams with full force

and prioritized myself. 


I used coaching techniques and practices, implemented the strategies and solutions I will teach you in coaching, but most importantly, I was deeply committed to experiencing her own emotional and career breakthrough and transformation. My hard work and commitment paid off; I am now blessed to be a full-time international entrepreneur, I have lived and coached abroad, I am traveling the world, and living the life of my dreams. I am so ready to help you break through barriers to access your best self!


Career Transition Coaching

Assisting professionals with emotional and logistical challenges related to career transitions. I will explore and assess readiness to make transitions, provide solutions to lack of career confidence, assist with discovery of career fit, provide tools to eliminate the stressors of career transitions, review resumes, interview prep, and much more.

Interview Coaching

Offering job seekers interview preparation, strategies to reduce interview anxiety, mock interviews, explore areas of improvement, tools to effectively research prospective employers, and provide in depth analysis of interview body language, appearance, tone, and responses.

Keynote Speaking and Workshop Facilitation

Book Phylicia to deliver a highly engaging and captivating message designed to impact your audience. 


Interested in Phylicia's coaching services or want to book her as a speaker? Please reach out.

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When I first dabbled at the idea of MoodyGirl Cakes I had Phylicia cheering me on! 
She offered so much encouragement. As I left a job a couple of years ago I was at home practicing recipes and trying to focus on really putting time into my own business. Phylicia provided support through her coaching business. She would send me homework to do that really helped me think about what I needed to do, as well as timelines. I was into the baking and distribution of my cakes but I was always slacking on actually devoting time and an actual concept to make me stand out. ! I’m forever grateful for her wonderful guidance.


MoodyGirl Cakes




I attended Discover, Dream, and Drive in February 2020 in Doha Qatar. That was 2 years ago, but what took hold at the workshop (run by Phylicia French) still runs strong in me today. The group was full of women wanting to make some positive changes. Ms. French helped us bring our goals and dreams to the surface and gave us guidelines to set up a path to achieve them. All the women in the group were supportive of one another, and this led to a supportive dialogue. The workshop was so powerful, it had even positively resonated through this pandemic. I was able to get so much closer to my goals by setting up a small business and changing my job! The workshop gave me that nudge I needed to go for my dreams and showed me a way to organize my thoughts and make a workable plan to achieve my goals.



Robyn Kiira

I remember wanting to start my own dance classes for so long and just not knowing the first steps to take. It was the first time in my life where I just couldn’t figure out the moves. I eventually found Phylicia who turned out to be exactly the person I needed to show, guide and teach me these moves. Her one on one entrepreneur coaching is truly a holy grail! She has helped me with everything from how to structure sessions, how to market my business, speaking and selling my brand, to the very name of my business. She's a big part of why my business is doing so well today. The tips and help she provided are all things that helped me to launch my business and accomplish a dream and goal I’ve had for over 8 years. I signed up for her coaching feeling despondent and completed my coaching with a business to call my own. I would definitely recommend signing up to any and everyone looking to start their own business or to transition into a new career!


Robyn Kiira

Island Dance Fitness Qatar



I had the pleasure of attending Phylicia’s Manifest & Make Moves event and it was an amazing experience from beginning to end. From the beginning, Phylicia set the atmosphere with amazing music provided by DJ Whitney Taylor Ray. Once she started the event, she kept the atmosphere upbeat and exciting.


She kept us engaged and interested with great content and charisma. She found a way to make everyone feel not only welcomed but connected to her personally. And then she set the wheels in motion to help us connect with each other by creating break out sessions. It was truly an event that you were sad to leave! Thanks for putting on an event and I can't wait to attend more events in the future! 

Stevonne - Host

The Antithesis of Superwoman Podcast

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